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Are you looking for solutions to implement smart projects even in times of growing uncertainty and bureaucracy? Together with people who think entrepreneurial, responsible and participative?

coopco is an association to successfully realize your idea in the form of a cooperative. Or to participate in the projects of others: As contributors, service providers, or investor.
In addition to colleagues, you`ll find digital helpers to manage social media marketing, PR, documents, project presentations and status reports.


Quite practical:

You own a property, a business or “just” have an idea and would like to operate it jointly in the future. Then founding a cooperative is the right choice.
All the necessary protagonists, such as craftsmen, merchants, financiers and users who, just like you, want to implement an idea with passion, come together here on the coopco platform.
The next step is to work out collectively how and whether the project can be implemented.

In the end, everyone benefits from the success – entirely in the cooperative spirit: fair, loyal, partnership!

The idea

The cooperative idea has embodied the principle of fair cooperation between members with equal rights. Dusted off and digitized, our projects benefit from this confidence-inspiring We-Spirit.

The cooperative

Cooperatives are an intelligent system of direct democracy. We put them on digital feet, which enables the greatest possible transparency for resultoriented decisions.


The concept

Our concept is designed for the long term. It benefits not only those who are involved today. But also their children and grandchildren. That’s because we thought in terms of seven generations.

The advantage

With coopco, we create project oases in a chaotic, highly regulated, combative world where things are predictable, safe, honest and less bureaucratic.

Step 1:

Your idea

From an idea to a successful cooperative: Do you want your visionary concept to become a living project?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Register in the community for doers to turn your idea into reality!







Step 2:

The Maker Community

This community is the heart: here you organize the planning of the implementation, find out which resources you need and shape the community until the idea has matured into a viable cooperative concept.
In the community, you will find fellow entrepreneurs, like-minded people, investors and service providers as well as coaches who will encourage you to exchange ideas and support you in realizing your ideas.


Step 3:

The Realization

After a successful planning the foundation can take place; non-binding letters of intent become contracts, and the project journey begins.

You want to transform your idea into a project? And it fits well into your world if instead of tenants, customers, employees, employers and banks there is only one team with whom it will be made true?

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Do you want to become a co-owner in a Weconomy? And thus benefit from the advantages of a cooperative, e.g. fair and secure co-ownership and tax advantages? Then you may discover your project communities here.

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Investments opportunities that have a purpose are safer We are a community for cooperative projects. These advantages are for you:

  1. Weconomy projects have a WinWin agenda.
  2. Co-owners are loyal to their projects.
  3. Only projects with a feasibility perspective are realized.

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You want to advertise your services or products that you offer to our project communities?

Then you are right here.

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  • Realize your project – Creator
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  • Be found by clients for your services – Service provider

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the community or the process, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below. We are happy to help and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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